PCS to Hill Guide


SSgt Mike J. who was stationed in Germany, came home from work and told his wife Judy that they had orders to Hill Air Force Base in Utah.  Since neither of them had ever been to Utah, Judy got on the Internet and searched “Hill AFB” on Google.  She saw a site titled “PCS to Hill”.  Judy went to the site to see if she could get some information about Hill AFB and Utah.  Well, to Judy’s surprise, she found out that the PCS to Hill web site offered to send her a FREE PCS to Hill AFB guide.  Judy ordered the guide and when she got it she was amazed at all the information it provided.  There  was a welcome to Utah section and a section on moving with kids.  Since they had two boys and a girl, they found that to be very helpful.  In fact it was so helpful because their children didn’t want to move at first.  They were very excited about moving after their parents used the info in  the guide to change their feelings about moving.  Judy also found information about finding a job that helped her find just what she was looking for.  In fact, there was so much information in the guide they passed it on to two other families that were PCSing to Hill.  Also when Judy requested the Guide to Hill she registered for the PCS to Hill Money Back  program.  Want to get all the information Mike and Judy got and how it can help with your PCS to Hill?  Then order your FREE copy of the guide and let it help you.  Oh, and by the way, the guide will also help you with future PCS moves since it was written by a retired military member who moved 17 times during his 26 years in the Air Force.  It’s full of tips and tricks to help you with your move.  Fill out the form below to get your free copy sent right to you.